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Vaccine insurance law entered into force

On May 1, a novel vaccine insurance law came into force in Estonia. Under the new law, a patient or their relatives can apply for compensation for personal injury caused by severe vaccination-related complications. LEXTAL’s attorneys-at-law Olavi-Jüri Luik and Rauno Kinkar played a key role in drafting the vaccine insurance law (medicines act).

Below is an intro to why the new insurance model is necessary and also how to apply for compensation in case of side effects.

Why Vaccine Insurance?

Severe complications from vaccination are statistically infrequent. However, side effects still exist. The advantage of vaccine insurance is that it helps to reduce people’s fears about vaccination. To lessen these fears, vaccine insurance has been introduced in about 30 countries worldwide. The advantage of insurance is that a person does not have to enter into a dispute with a vaccine manufacturer who is economically more capable and as such a difficult opponent.

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LEXTAL advised Tuul Mobility OÜ on a bond issue on the Nasdaq Baltic alternative market First North

Our good customer Tuul Mobility, an electric scooter rental service provider, has taken a road to success in the capital markets and with the help of LEXTAL started a bond issue which they have also applied for trading on First North. More information about TUUL’s future plans can be found at: https://tuul.xyz/en/. Partner Kristi Sild and lawyer Kaisa-Maria Kubpart will help TUUL with the bond issue.

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LEXTAL becomes a Certified Adviser on Nasdaq Baltic First North

LEXTAL has been granted the status of a Certified Adviser on Nasdaq Tallinn First North market.

The role of a Certified Adviser is to guide companies through the application process and ensure they meet First North rules and requirements on a continuous basis.

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Kristi Sild’s comment to CEE Legal Matters

CEE Legal Matters interviewed our attorney-at-law and partner, Kristi Sild. She discussed the COVID-19 situation in Estonia.

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Harm caused by the vaccine? Who will compensate?

The safety of COVID-19 vaccines is very high – serious injuries are rare. For example, as of the morning of 22 November, more than 1.6 million doses of vaccine had been administered in Estonia, of which only 0.37% of doses (5950 notifications) were reported to the State Agency of Medicines regarding all possible side effects and vaccine ineffectiveness. There are even fewer reports – 237 – describing at least one serious suspected adverse reaction with a temporal relationship. The most common side effects are pain at the injection site, tiredness, and fever, which go away on their own within a few days.

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LEXTAL Legal Webinar. Do employees have any privacy left anno 2021? Data protection in HR

The volume of complaints to the data protection authorities has increased around 150 % during the pandemic era.
What are the top privacy and data protection trends and issues in employment relationships in 2021?
The experts of LEXTAL Legal group will share their experiences about data protection practices in the HR area that have emerged or accelerated during recent years.
Their practical legal expertise is spiced up with examples from real life.
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LEXTAL Next team: officials are afraid and therefore intend to destroy the booming business!

Rauno Kinkar, attorney-at-law and attorney Henri Ratnik from LEXTAL law firm sent a warning letter to the heads of state. They criticized the planned changes in the regulation of cryptocurrency.

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Once again, LEXTAL Law Firm has been recognized as one of the most attractive employers amongst law students


For several years in a row now, LEXTAL has been recognized by law students as one of the most attractive employers. This year, out of 242 employers (including public institutions), LEXTAL has been ranked as the fourth most attractive employer. In a category of law firms, LEXTAL has been ranked as the second most attractive law firm to work for.

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Katrin Orav
Attorney-at-law at LEXTAL Law Firm

As the wedding date is set, the future spouses start to think about the wedding venue, catering, music. In addition, they have to decide on the proprietary relationship which will apply to them once they are married. The proprietary relationship has to be selected at the time of filling in the marriage application. Which proprietary relationship to choose and how is the shared family home protected depending on the chosen proprietary relationships?

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LEXTAL brings its expert knowledge on Family Law to your hometown


Katrin Orav is an experienced attorney-at-law at LEXTAL Law Firm, who specialises in family law. Katrin advises clients on planning and division of assets (both for married and unmarried couples), divorce proceedings, child custody, visiting rights and child support.

Katrin will be bringing her knowledge and expertise to the following cities:

  • September 17 in Pärnu, Akadeemia 1 (Forwardspace)
  • September 30 in Tartu, Rüütli 7 (R7HUB)
  • October 11 in Viljandi, Johan Laidoneri plats 8 (Park Hotel Viljandi)
  • October 30 in Paide, Pärnu 6 (Paide Spa Hotel)

Consultations will take place from 10:30 AM until 4:30 PM.

For more information and to book a paid consultation, please contact Katrin Orav at katrin.orav@lextal.ee.

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