Ksenia Kravtšenko was previously the Head of Dispute Resolution team at KMPG Law Estonia. At LEXTAL, she will be orchestrating the creation and development of our new Russian Desk, which will provide professional and highly skilled legal aid in Russian.
Kravtšenko was motivated to join LEXTAL by the team: “Young, professional, enthusiastic, innovative and all-in-all awesome people, with whom I would like to work together.”
According to Marge Männiko, the Managing Partner at LEXTAL, Kravtšenko is a valuable addition to our current Russian-speaking team of lawyers. Under the management of Kravtšenko, the team will be able to provide even better legal aid to our Russian-speaking clientele.
Kravtšenko has worked as an attorney-at-law for over 15 years and she has gained experience both in litigation and in commercial and contract law.