We are very happy to announce that after taking time off for maternity leave and then working for a year as the chief legal officer for a bank in foundation, attorney-at-law Katrin Orav is back in LEXTAL.

“The return of Katrin Orav adds significant value to LEXTAL’s litigation team. Her freshly gained experience as a chief legal officer at a bank in foundation is a valuable addition to our know-how pertaining to banking law,” said Marge Männiko, LEXTAL’s managing partner.

Litigation specialist

Katrin is an attorney-at-law specialising in litigation. She has wide-ranging experience particularly in settling civil disputes, corporate matters and in advising customers on issues concerning family law both in court as well as out of court.

Publicly active contributor to family law matters and member of the Board of the Estonian Bar Association

Katrin was the head of the Family Law Committee of the Bar Association from 2013 to 2016, and advised parents on family law matters within the framework of the “Good Advice to Families with Children” partnership between the Estonian Union of Child Welfare and the Bar Association. Katrin has thus contributed to the development of family law, and by doing community work also given a helping hand to those in need in the field of family law.

Katrin Orav is a member of the Board of the Estonian Bar Association. As such her many duties include coordination of the public projects of the Bar Association as well as the arrangement of foreign relations.