LEXTAL was elected as one of the most attractive employers in Estonia among legal students. LEXTAL ranked third!

The employer’s branding agency Instar conducted a study of job prospects and the brands of employers among undergraduates across Estonia. Over 5400 respondents participated in the study this year.

“This is a great honor for us. We are very proud for that achievement. We believe that the key to our success was our internship program. Our goal is to provide every year internships that focus on inspiring young colleagues. We have given students the promise that if they do their internship in LEXTAL, they can deal with substantive legal matters and try out the practical aspects legal work. Figuratively speaking, we do not send our young colleagues to just arrange the archives or to deal merely with technical work. What we have learned is that our young colleagues want personal approach and mentoring. An internship program cannot be merely a machine for the firm aimed at finding potential employees – we have rather focused on inspiring and mentoring our interns as young colleagues. This focus made our internship program very popular among Estonian law students,” explained Marge Männiko, the Managing Partner at LEXTAL.