LEXTAL is glad to announce that attorney-at-law Veli Kraavi and lawyer Pie Laanements are joining our office.

“We are extremely happy to let you know that Veli Kraavi and Pie Laanemets are joining LEXTAL’s team. New people help us grow and become a stronger law office in matters such as insolvency proceedings and issues regarding financial instruments and reorganisation. These are fields in which our competence is already extensive; however, new team members add significant value,” attorney-at-law Marge Männiko, managing partner at LEXTAL, stated.

Veli Kraavi – appointed trustee in bankruptcy almost 800 times by courts

Veli Kraavi is undoubtedly one of the best specialists of insolvency law in Estonia. Courts have appointed him trustee in bankruptcy almost eight hundred times. He also has a lot of experience in working as a reorganisation adviser and liquidator. He is intrigued by challenging work – major property recovery cases in bankruptcy proceedings and investigating complex business-related crimes as a trustee in bankruptcy. However, professionally he finds the most satisfaction in cases where a struggling parent company can be rehabilitated and brought out of difficulties.

Pie Laanemets – experienced specialist in enforcement proceedings

Lawyer Pie Laanemets was awarded a master’s degree by the Faculty of Law of the University of Tartu in 2008, and in her master’s dissertation she focused on the interpretation of case law pertaining to enforcement proceedings. She has long-term experience with several law offices and assists attorneys by solving problems related to enforcement and insolvency proceedings.