Although we would like to treat each of our customers, collaborators and good friends with some lovely gifts during the holidays, we can do better in the current situation. Ukraine is still fighting for its freedom, and this year we have decided to direct our Christmas gift finances and more to help Ukraine.

We decided not to offer help passively but to “put our hands on it” ourselves. A couple of LEXTAL colleagues will set off to Ukraine with the rest of the convoy in just a week. The car full of necessary equipment for the medical battalion “Hospitallers” ( should arrive at the destination in 35 hours.

We invite You, dear reader, to contribute to this undertaking. Let’s make a Christmas present together this time. For those in need. For the defenders of freedom. You can send your donation to the account:




Please indicate SLAVA UKRAINE in the explanation

All donations go towards buying, preparing and filling the medical battalion car with the necessary equipment. If the donations are more than the amount of one car and supplies, we will transfer the rest of the money to support the HELP99 initiative.

Here we would like to acknowledge the work of HELP99, an organization created by LIFT99 in Kyiv, which has been organizing aid to Ukraine for months and is also letting us help.

Slava Ukraini!