LEXTAL has been granted the status of a Certified Adviser on Nasdaq Tallinn First North market.

The role of a Certified Adviser is to guide companies through the application process and ensure they meet First North rules and requirements on a continuous basis.

“The previous year showed that Estonian entrepreneurs have discovered First North as a good growth opportunity. There are many positive aspects to joining the market – in addition to financing the development of companies and offering new investment opportunities for Estonian people, the increased visibility of the companies is seen as an important factor,” said Kristi Sild, partner at LEXTAL. Sild added that LEXTAL has extensive experience in advising on business transactions, and becoming an advisor on Nasdaq Tallinn First North is a logical step in the development of LEXTAL.

Nasdaq First North market is tailored to support smaller, growing companies that want to raise capital and get the visibility and credibility of being a public company. For investors, First North offers an opportunity to invest in companies that are at an earlier stage of their growth. First North is an alternative market and is often seen as the first step towards trading on the regulated market.